Major Discourse //

The mechanisms and impacts of intra-seasonal wind bursts in the Indian ocean.

Minor Discourse \\

Inland ingression of atmospheric rivers and their effect on the Great Basin, USA.

Guillaume D.-A.

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Currently on parental leave


Research associate in Atmospheric sciences | New Haven USA (CT) | 2018-2022
   @EPS/AOCD (Yale University)

Honors & Awards

Alan M. Bateman fellowship | 2019-2020
   For academic excellence (Yale graduate school’s endowment in Geology fund).

Teaching Experience

Date Position Course
Fall 2021 Teaching Fellow EPS 428 : Science of complex systems
Fall 2020 Teaching Fellow EPS 274 : Fossil Fuels and World Energy
Spring 2020 Teaching Fellow G&G 275 : Renewable Energy
2013-2017 Military, NCO Miscellaneous



  • M.Sc in Oceanography | New Haven USA (CT) | December 2021
       Refer to /#projects (not written yet).

  • M.Sc in Geophysics | Paris, FRANCE | September 2017
       Specialty “Natural Risks and Hazards” (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris & École Normale Supérieure Paris).

  • B.Sc in Geosciences | Paris, FRANCE | September 2015
       Specialty “Earth and Environment” (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris & Université Paris VII).

Fieldwork and Internships

Date Location Activity
Apr. 2017
(6 mths)
SNCF Réseau
Feasibility and precision study for ground movement detection along railway networks with radar interferometry (InSAR).
Feb. 2017
(1 wk)
Tethys II
Seafloor geological features imaging along ridge of Var (Mediterranean sea) through acoustic reflection.
Dec. 2016
(1 wk)
Use of NATO infrasound nuclear surveillance system to estimate the energy released by natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions).
Apr. 2016
(2 mths)
Obs. Volcano
Reconstruction of the eruptive history of Mt. Pelée (La Martinique) and its implications for volcanic hazard in Lesser Antilles’ region.
Mar. 2016
(1 wk)
Obs. Magnetic
Training in sub-surface imaging from various methods (electric resistivity, micro-gravimetry, ground-penetrating radar, magnetic field).
Feb. 2015
(1 mth)
Correlations study between the microseismicity and the hydrothermal system of La Soufrière volcano (Guadeloupe).
(1-2 wks)
various Field trainings in geology.


Technical Skills

  • Development in clusters environment (SLURM)
  • Parallele computing

  • Shell scripting
  • GMT (Generic Mapping Tools)
  • LaTeX

  • Coupled General Circulation Models : CNRM-CM5/CESM
  • InSAR imaging : NSBAS/StamPS
  • Adobe suite

Field work enthousiast

  • Surface and sub-surface exploration
  • Sample retrieval (assisting)
  • Sensor installation & maintenance (assisting)

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